Facts about South Korea

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South Korea, which found its existence after the World War II came to an end in 1945, is a sovereign state in East Asia. To the West, it shares a border with China where as Japan lies to its east with North Korea being on the Northern side. Current population of the region is around 49 million people with a life expectancy of an average 79 years. Its capital is Seoul and apart from Korean, English language is widely taught.

But there is much more to South Korea that is way too interesting than knowing about its history or government, its population or land area. Here are few very fascinating facts about South Korea that distinguished it from other regions and makes it uniquely intriguing.

Fact 1:

Not literally but yes, South Korea interesting believes that as soon as a child is born, he is one year old, so technically you are always a year ahead compared to anyone in the West. The age here matters a lot, therefore, be very conscious about your age when you visit Korea as it might be the first question you encounter. Also the elder people are treated the immense respect and are also looked upon when there’s a time to pay for the food.

Fact 2:

The act of consuming alcohol in public has been made legal and it is perfectly okay for you to roam around the streets with a can of beer or bottles of alcohols. Its legal and no one is going to question you for this or complaint against you. It is therefore not surprising that the youngsters are absolutely in love with the law of the country.

Fact 3:

South Koreans are regarded as the most superstitious people and they have their own beliefs and myths, particularly associated with death. You NEVER right someone’s name in red ink. A name written in red ink will be assumed dead or about to die. South Koreans are also very conscious about the electric fans and never leave them on while sleeping out of the fear of “Fan death”. The number 4 is also not good for you, it might leave you unlucky or has something to do with your death, as believed by the Koreans.

Fact 4:

Taegeukgki is the flag of South Korea and is designed based on their strong believes about the cosmic forces. The flag has a yinyang symbol in the center of a white background and the four corners are occupied by the four trigrams which represents the four universal elements i.e. fire, water, earth and heaven. The blue and red yin-yang symbol symbolizes the cosmic forces which are acting against each other to maintain a balance and harmony.

Fact 5:

While other countries know Samsung because of their cellphones and televisions, South Koreans also enjoy the facilities of wide variety of products such as vacuum cleaners, door locks, construction equipment, medical equipment and a lot more. In fact, Samsung contributes 20% of the GDP of South Korean and it would not be wrong to say that the Samsung runs the country.

Fact 6:

It is a common practice around the globe to associate various personality traits with your zodiac signs but South Korea has a different say. The people here believe that your blood group has a lot to say about your personality and hence judge you on it. While the blood type A are considered reserved and secretive, blood type B are more creative. Blood type AB are the rational and critical type and the O’s are the sporty and athletic ones.

Fact 7:

The South Koreans often keep their roof curved from the corner which looks like the roof is smiling down on you.

Fact 8:

South Korea is known for its practice of crime enactments. The suspected individual is bound with handcuffs or ropes by the police and is taken to the crime scene and forced to reenact the crime.

Fact 9:

According to a recent estimation, South Korea happen to be the country with the greatest rate of plastic surgery all around the globe. One in every five individuals is known to have gone under the knife.

Fact 10:

South Korea is known as the heaven of shopaholics. Some of the finest shopping malls can be found in South Korea with most of them having the latest opening times as well. Most of the shopping malls stay open till 4 in the morning.

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