Facts About Soap

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Soaps have become a part and parcel of modern life. Soap is considered to be one of the essential products that help to maintain health and hygiene. Unlike yester years, today there are so many varieties of soaps manufactured with separate ingredients for different purposes.

Fact 1 What Is Soap

Soap is that product which is used for cleaning dirt from all kinds of materials. We need soap to wash utensils, clothes, vehicles, animals and of course we use soap to stay neat and clean and protected from infections. Soap is an indispensable part of hygiene today.

Fact 2 History Of Soap

Evidences prove that the first soap makers were the Egyptians, Babylonians and Mesopotamians. There are also facts that show that soap was also used in ancient Greece and Rome during the same time which is around 2800 B.C. The word “Soap” is derived from the Latin word “sapo” meaning soap or Mount Sapo in Rome. During this time soap was made for simply cleaning utensils and goods or for medicinal purposes and not for personal hygiene. The Elder’s Historia Naturalis of Pliny refers to the word soap made by the Babylonians and it was used in the textile industries and as medicine. During the Medieval age, soap making began in Europe around Marseilles and spread across other areas like Venice and Genoa. In the 12th century, soap making was prevalent in England in Bristol. Later during the 13th and 14th centuries soap was manufactured in Cheapside in London.

Fact 3 What Was Soap Made Of?

Soap that was first made during the 2800 B.C. era consisted of natural ingredients derived from plants and animals. Animal products used for making soap were animal fat like tallow. Vegetable oil like castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil was also used in the manufacturing of soap. Gradually, with improvement of science and technology, soap was manufactured on a large scale in industries using various other ingredients.

Fact 4 Different Categories Of Soap

Soaps have been differentiated according to the purpose for which they are used. Different formulae are used for preparing them like dishwashing, laundry, pet cleaning, vehicle washing and specialized formulae are used for those varieties which are for personal use.

Fact 5 Importance Of Soap

Gradually, soap became a part of life mostly of the cultured people because initially it was considered a luxury item and was quite costly. But when the soap manufacturing industries grew in numbers, soap was available to all sections of the people. Today it is available in various forms like liquid soap, bar soap, powder, foam, cream and also gel. Soaps are also made for various skin types and care is taken especially for the medicinal soaps that contain only natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Neem oil, coconut oil and natural fragrances.

Fact 6 Benefits Of Using Soap

Soap is the most effective way of taking care of personal cleanliness and hygiene. Since it is available in various forms, it is easy to use. You can buy according to your requirements. There are detergents especially made for regular clothes, delicate clothes as well as woolen clothes. Similarly you can purchase bathing soap according to your skin type as most of these are fortified with natural oils, vitamins and moisturizers to take care of your skin. Shampoos too are differently prepared to maintain hair health and strengthen hair roots, guard against hair-fall etc. Special baby soaps are also available from the best brands. To make things better, today soaps are available in small sizes that are easy to carry. Shampoo sachets and hand sanitizers are available in extremely convenient sizes so that even school-going children can use them.

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