Facts About Snowy Owls

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Owls are known to be the symbol for wisdom when it comes to the movies and books that people read. They are commonly seen as large-eyed birds with different shades of brown that compose their uniqueness.  There is another appearance of owls, and they are called Snowy Owls for their feathers are white as snow.

Fact 1: Snowy Owls got their name because of their white-as-snow appearance and that they are to be seen living in the Arctic.

Fact 2: Snowy Owls want to eat rodents like rabbits, small rodents, fish, and other birds.

Fact 3: The ability of the Snowy Owls’ eyesight is incredible; however, they would not be able to capture their prey if it is hiding under the snowy ground. For that scenario, they will depend on their second best sense which is their hearing.

Fact 4: If you are going to find the Snowy Owls in the wild, their average life span can be up to 9.5 years, but there is a great difference in years when it comes to their ability to live when they are captive. They can survive as long as 35 years if they are caught and kept well.

Fact 5: If you will look at Snowy Owls for the first time, you may say that they all look the same. But if you will look closely at them, you will determine their gender by their colors because male owls are whiter while female owls which have more spots on their body.

Fact 6: The smallest owls are called an ‘œelf.’

Fact 7: Snowy Owls became popular during the release of the Harry Potter series since they are the ones used by the characters as the guardians as well as the messengers.

Fact 8: They have the ability to use camouflage in their habitat since they are living in the Arctic.

Fact 9: They are called ‘œStill-Hunters’ because they do not chase their prey. Instead, they will be patiently sitting and waiting for their food to come around, and that will be the time that they will attack it.

Fact 10:  If there is a scarcity in the food supply, these birds will survive for a period of six weeks because of the fat reserved in their bodies.

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