Facts About Snow Leopards

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Snow Leopards are known for their thick fur. Their beautiful fur is highlighted by a yellowish, white, or soft gray color with circled spots of brown or black. These spots not only present a beautiful image but also helps the Snow Leopard camouflage itself from its prey. This thick fur also allows these creatures to adapt to different weather and habitat conditions.

FACT 1: Snow Leopards were illegally captured and killed for their fur. Their fur was used in the manufacture of bags and coats. In addition, their bones and several other body parts were used for medicine in Asian countries.

FACT 2: Snow Leopards produce two to five offspring at a time. These young leopards are born after  conception in about 86 to 93 days. Among the offspring, the males are the ones that develop faster  than the females.

FACT 3: Snow Leopards are often not categorized as large cats due to the fact that they purr and do not roar. In addition, the way they eat their prey differs from that of the wild, large cat. The large cats eat in a lying down position while the Snow Leopards eat in a crouching position.

FACT 4: Snow Leopards are an endangered species due to the demands for their fur. A single coat would need six to ten full bodies of Snow Leopards’ skins. Often, these coats are sold for $60,000 or even more.

FACT 5: Snow Leopards carry the scientific name Panthera uncia and are categorized in the uncia species.

FACT 6: The lifespan of the Snow Leopard in the wild cannot be determined due to its reclusive nature. However, in captivity, it could live up to 21 years.

FACT 7: The Snow Leopards are believed to feed on goats and wild sheep. They also feed on little animals like rodents and birds.

FACT 8: At the Philadelphia Zoo, the Snow Leopards are one its biggest attractions. However, as these creatures age, they get really sick and need medical attention. It was discovered that most of the aging Snow Leopards often have a medical condition of bladder stones.

FACT 9: The Snow Leopards prefer the extreme cold weather as compared with the other leopards. These creatures prefer steep terrain, cliffs, and steep slopes.

FACT 10: Due to the Snow Leopards’ reclusive nature, their population can hardly be determined. However, it was estimated that there are around 4,000 to 7,500 Snow Leopards out there.

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