Facts about Snooki

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Nicole Polizzi, aka Snooki, started her path to stardom once she was cast for MTV’s reality show, Jersey Shore. Her colorful contribution to the show opened doors to other US national TV appearances, celebrity parties, considerably raising her stature of fame. She is very known for her looks and style, as well her crazy and eccentric behavior.

Fact 1: Although Jersey Shore is features the life of several guidos and guidettes, Snooki, along with other colleagues from the show, are not really Italian. Snooki is actually Chilean, born in Santiago and was adopted by a guido Italian – American family.

Fact 2: Snooki is really known for her hard partying, she was not once drunk in front of the camera, acting in inappropriate ways but back at home she was actually an eminent student, treasurer of her class.

Fact 3: Despite her current occupation and hobbies, Snooki had a great dream before being casted in Jersey Shore’s acting list. In her school years she studied to be a vet tech, with grades including only As and Bs, proving that overall she is a really smart girl.

Fact 4: Snooki is a big fan of horrors, tweeting her favorite TV show as American Horror Story, an authentic anthology of dark stories featuring a haunted mansion, a sanatorium and a witch coven, a show based on murders, black rituals and torture.

Fact 5: She is a superstitious person and has her own ritual of making a wish every day at 11:11.

Fact 6: Her acting skills come from early years in school, when she loved to act in all the plays from English classes, getting the leading part pretty much every time.

Fact 7: Snooki suffered in high school of an eating disorder by refusing to eat normally. Her obsession went so far away that she got to eat only one cucumber a day. Snooki’s teachers announced her parents after they got worried about her weight.

Fact 8: In spite of her looks, Snooki is into alternative rock, stating that her closet hides a great collection.

Fact 9: Although she declared herself as a shy person, Snooki revealed in an interview that she lost her virginity at 14 because “there was nothing else to do”.

Fact 10: Snooki is a happy mother now, proud of her first son Lorenzo. Many celebrities badmouthed, and questioned the pregnancy but she stated in an interview for People that her idea of a family is pretty clear, including 4 kids, preferably three boys and a girl, with two years difference between pregnancies.

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