Facts About Sneezing

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Sneezing is a human’s way of protecting the body from bacteria, viruses, and even foreign objects. This is a person’s response when these things try to enter the body through the nose. Usually, when we sneeze, we flush out everything that tries to come inside our nose with a big exhalation of air. This reaction is brought about when something tickles the nose’s lining and stimulates an impulse to sneeze.

FACT 1: Another term for ‘œsneezing’ is ‘œsternutation.’

FACT 2: The speed that the air travels from the lungs out of the nose when 1 sneezes is 100 miles per hour.

FACT 3: Every time we sneeze, the muscles in our chest contract and the muscles in our throat relax. This allows air, mucus, and even saliva to be flushed out through the mouth and nose.

FACT 4: Whenever we sneeze, our eyelids tend to blink due to the impulses that travel through our faces. It is very unlikely that we can sneeze with our eyes open.

FACT 5: The particles emitted during a sneeze could reach a distance of five feet. The bacteria that come with the sneeze could spread out to 150 feet away.

FACT 6: According to the research of an author named Patti Wood, among all animals, the iguana is the animal that sneezes the most. These animals do this in order to make their bodies get rid of the salts that are produced by their digestive process.

FACT 7: Plucking your eyebrows could cause one to sneeze. This is because this could stimulate nerves that are attached to the nose.

FACT 8: Bright lights, especially the sunlight, could cause one to sneeze. This is called ‘œphotic sneezing.’ Often, when people find it hard to sneeze, they tend to expose themselves to bright lights for relief from the itch when you are about to sneeze but cannot.

FACT 9: Global warming could also cause people to sneeze. This is due to the amplified level of atmospheric carbon dioxide and high temperatures brought about by global warming.

FACT 10: According to studies, only 60 percent of people use a tissue or handkerchief to cover their nose when they sneeze. However, the remaining 40 percent simply disburses their sneeze into the air.

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