Facts About Snails

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Snails are interesting creatures. They were believed to have existed here on Earth for 600 million years already. They could survive in different habitats and conditions. They are able to survive also because they do not need that much food to live. These creatures are characterized by their shells which are often in a spiral form. They have a flattened foot and a head with tentacles as well.

FACT 1: Snails are believed to be shy creatures. They withdraw into their shell whenever they are disturbed and touched. Often, as they withdraw, their opening is closed by a plate called the operculum. This plate locks the snail inside its shell protecting it from harm.

FACT 2: Snails are able to move using its flattened foot with waves of contraction pulling from rear to front.

FACT 3: These creatures are very slow-moving and leave a trail of slime behind as they move forward.

FACT 4: These are very small creatures often only a few inches long and weighing only a few ounces.

FACT 5: In 1976, a huge snail was discovered weighing 2 pounds with a length of 15 inches.

FACT 6: Snails are hermaphrodites. These creatures have the ability to produce both eggs and sperm. Just the same, they are able to both conceive and lay eggs after mating. Thus, there is no telling which one is male or female with these creatures.

FACT 7: However, it is not true that these creatures could conceive entirely on their own. They still need to mate in order to do this.

FACT 8: Fascinating, but true, these creatures could survive up to 15 years. Some others could reach 25 years of existence depending on their habitats and conditions. Often, the cause of death for these creatures is when they are harvested for food or when they are attacked by predators.

FACT 9: Snails can hardly see. They only use their sense of smell to look for food.

FACT 10: These creatures do not have the sense of hearing as well.

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