Facts about Sinhalese

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Fact 1: Sinhalese is the largest ethnic group of Sri Lanka and constitutes nearly 73 percent of the entire population of Sri Lanka.

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Fact 2: The population of Sinhalese people is estimated to be approximately 16 million with some 13.8 million living in Sri Lanka.

Fact 3: The Sinhalese language belongs to the Indo-European family of languages and has its own writing system. The language is the official language of Sri Lanka and is used in the official documents, currency, postage stamps, sign boards, etc. and for other official purposes along with Tamil and English.

Fact 4: Most of the Sinhalese people are Buddhists although there are some minority groups which follow other religions such as Christianity.

Fact 5: The Sinhalese people are very keen about learning and education. They have a long history of literacy and works of art dating back to the early Buddhist monks before the birth of Christ. Due to the same inclination towards learning and education, Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of 95 percent.

Fact 6: The Sinhalese people are very religious and consider religion an important part of their daily lives. About 99 percent of the Sinhalese people feel religion is an important aspect of their lives.

Fact 7: Even though most Sinhalese people live in Sri Lanka, there are Sinhalese people present in other countries as well such as, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, India, Canada, Italy, and New Zealand.

Fact 8: Despite being neighbors with East Asian countries, the Sinhalese people have no genetic trace from ethnic groups of the East Asian neighboring countries of Sri Lanka. However, there are some genetic traces found from the Bengali and Tamil people.

Fact 9: Sandesha Kavyas are counted among the most sophisticated and exquisite works of literature written by Sinhalese Buddhists.

Fact 10: There are several Sinhalese writers such as G. B. Senanayake, Mahagama Sekera, Madewela S. Ratnayake, and Wickremasinghe who have acclaimed remarkable positions in the world by producing exquisite works of literature.

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