Facts about Sicily

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Known by its history and art, Sicily is yet another inspiring place in Italy. Here are some very fascinating facts about this beautiful island!

Fact 1:

The earliest and first inhabitants of the island of Sicily are thought be have emerged around 8000 B.C. This makes this place a great historical piece of land. (About.com)

Fact 2:

The primary industry contributing to the economy of Sicily is agriculture, because there is a long season for growing, and the fertile volcanic soil adds to the value of land and crops in Sicily. (About.com)

Fact 3:

The tallest active volcano in Europe, named Mount Etna, is in Sicily and it last erupted in the year 2011. However, many more very active volcanoes are also located in Sicily and its vicinity. (About.com)

Fact 4:

Sicilian food is the best in taste in all the Mediterranean and is famous world over for its deliciousness. (Sicily Secrets)

Fact 5:

The flag of Sicily that was made official in the year 1282 is very unique and has a complete explanation of the land of Sicily in its images and colors. (Flickr)

Fact 6:

Due to its fertile land, the island of Sicily is also nicknamed ‘œGod’s Kitchen’ sometimes. (Flickr)

Fact 7:

The people of Sicily are more proud of themselves and their land than any other nation or inhabitants. They prefer to be called as Sicilians rather than Italians. (Sailors Southern Belle)

Fact 8:

It is interesting to note that the people in Sicily are very particular about their sleep. They are fun-loving people but they never compromise with their naps!

Fact 9:

The coastline of Sicily is as long as 600 miles! (Food and Travel)

Fact 10:

Last but not least, the people of Sicily are not very good drivers. There is always a chance to get your car scratched on the roads of Sicily. (The Sicily Site)

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