Facts About Siberian Tigers

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Also widely known as the Amur tiger, Siberian tigers are subspecies of tiger that roam around the western and central parts of Asia. In these areas, the Siberian tiger reigns supreme and typically emerges as the dominant animal species over other known predators in the forest like wolves and bears. The following are facts related to Siberian tigers:

Fact 1: Siberian tigers are the largest of all tiger subspecies. The Bengal tigers found in India are also large cats but the Siberian tigers are traditionally known as the largest tigers in the world.

Fact 2: Siberian tigers don’t have natural predators. They are widely known as the king of the Siberian jungle because of their dominance over other predator animals. Human beings are said to be their only known threat in terms of hunting them down or disturbing their habitat through illegal logging activities or deforestation.

Fact 3: There are less than 500 Siberian tigers left in Siberia or western and central Asia. These tigers may be the king of predators but their numbers are actually dwindling making them part of the endangered species list.

Fact 4: Siberian tigers have the palest orange coat of all tiger species. The pale color is even enhanced by fewer stripes when compared to other species. These characteristics make the Siberian tiger blend better with the snowy environment of Siberia.

Fact 5: Siberian tigers are also known to have coats that grow longer than any other tiger species. Their coats are also very much thicker because of their snowy habitat in Siberia. The thick and long coat of hair basically helps the Siberian tigers regulate their body temperature under the winter temperatures of their habitat.

Fact 6: Being the largest in the tiger world, Siberian tigers can grow to more than 10 feet and weigh more than 600 pounds. A person that is 6 feet tall in height is considered its size equivalent. This size basically earns the Siberian tiger great strength and speed to become the dominant animal in the jungle.

Fact 7: No two Siberian tigers are alike in terms of their striped coats. The pale orange and thin stripes of the Siberian tiger are said to be unique for each animal much like fingerprints to human beings.

Fact 8: Some Siberian tigers can also be found in North Korea. With similar weather and snowy conditions of Siberia, a small number of Siberian tigers are also known to roam the forests of North Korea.

Fact 9: Siberian tigers like to live and hunt alone. They are known to be very solitary animals and prefer to roam around the forest on their own. These large animals are also known to mark their scent on trees as a sign of its territorial claim.

Fact 10: Siberian tigers are not always successful in their hunt for prey. These animals may be very large and strong but they don’t get success every time they attack deers, wolves, and boars among others. With success not guaranteed in every attack, Siberian tigers are known to hunt often during the day.

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