Facts about Shanghai

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1. Shanghai is also called ‘Shen’
Also known as Shen, Shanghai is a metropolitan city inhabited people from different cultures around the globe. Modern and traditional Chinese structures can be seen all over the city. Shanghai has a status similar to a whole province and so it run by a government. Shanghai serves as the single largest industrial technology hub with a significant seaport and the largest financial focal point in China.

2. Shanghai as a populace city
Apart from being the single most populated city in China, Shanghai is more populated than New Zealand. Shanghai has a population of approximately 23,019,200. 12.21 million of the people reside in the urban zones. With 2059 people inhabiting each square kilometer, Shanghai city’s population represents 1.1% of China’s entire population. Additionally, those who come from other parts of the world to work in Shanghai account for around two million people.

3. Symbols of Shanghai
In 1990, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress approved a city emblem that was is identified with Shanghai city. They came up with a triangle symbol that contained a magnolia flower, a propeller and a huge junk. The propeller signified the ever increasing development of the city, the huge junk represented an old vessel in Shanghai and the magnolia flower symbolized blossoming in early spring.

4. Shanghai has a city flower
In 1986, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress voted for a resolution that saw the white magnolia acknowledged as the city flower. During early spring, the white magnolia is one of the few flowers that blossoms. The white magnolia is characterized by white petals that are large in size and seem to look in the direction of the sky. It is for this reason that the white magnolia was chosen to symbolize the ever growing city of Shanghai.

5. Shanghai has its own language
Shanghainese is the official language that is spoken in Shanghai. Apart from having its own exclusive language, Shanghai has 248 Chinese vernaculars. Additionally, Shanghai boosts other mini vernaculars. Furthermore, people from outside the environs of Shanghai use different dialects and have different accents.

6. English is compulsory in Shanghai
In Shanghai, English is an obligatory subject in all the schools. Kids are required to learn English immediately they join First Grade. It is estimated that in a decade to come, everybody in the city of Shanghai will be speaking English or a rather crossbreed language of the Chinese called ‘Chinglish’.

7. Shanghai is a shopping paradise
Apart from being of the famous cities in China, Shanghai city boosts of more sought-after goods than any other place in China. Shanghai is also host to the largest shopping centers in Asia. The shops of Nanjing Road are not only the most popular spots but they are also the busiest and sell a variety of products at realistic prices. The west end of Nanjing Road is known for its luxurious products.

8. Shanghai has the fastest passenger train
A train known as the shanghai Magley Train, is currently the fastest train in the world with the capability of reaching a top speed of 431 kph. The Shanghai Magley Train connects the city center to the airport and vice versa.

9. Shanghai changes at a first pace
The city of Shanghai is known for its swiftness to change. In Shanghai, businesses are opened and closed all the time while others keep relocating from place to place. It is therefore recommended that before visiting the city of shanghai, it is advisable to first conduct a research to avoid any disappointments.

10. Shanghai has the largest bus system
The world’s largest bus network is found in Shanghai. Shanghai has 1,424 bus lines which is also the best and the cheapest source of transport around the city.

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