Facts about SD Cards

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SD cards are another name for high capacity storage. The smallest ever made, SD cards have certain facts that users should know.

Fact 1:

Although SD cards can used in a number of devices for the purpose of storage, a few people know that the SD cards are not universally compatible. (Addison Cary, 2010)

Fact 2:

The smallest memory cards flooding the market recently are the SD cards which come in commercially compatible tiny sizes with memory-holding capacity equivalent to a normal flash drive. (Addison Cary, 2010)

Fact 3:

SD cards have a very swift transfer rate. This transfer rate makes them more durable than many other devices available in the market for similar purpose.

Fact 4:

The market is already full of a number of different sizes of the SD cards available but it is a prediction that in the year upcoming, the year 2014, there will be SD cards of the size 2-terabytes available in the commercial and consumer market. (Jamie Douglas, 2013)

Fact 5:

Along with all the other features that these secure digital (SD) cards hold, an astonishing one is that they are almost close to indestructible because of the fact that they have no moving parts. (Jamie Douglas, 2013)

Fact 6:

A confusing fact about the SD cards is that despite being efficient these cards cannot play the files or folders which have longer names. (Proxus, 2005)

Fact 7:

An important fact about the SD cards is that an average SD cards is limited to 256 folders and 400 files. This means that using bigger SD cards is almost useless if you do not have any additional space on the stick with you! (Audi, 2005)

Fact 8:
The increase in performance for the SD cards comes with a price just like every other product in the world. The higher you pay; the better is the product! One has to be very careful while deciding whether to purchase an SD card for storage. (Mandy, 2011)

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