Facts About School

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Schooling is considered a vital part for a child’s learning and later success in life.  Being part of a school system is basically more of a necessity in order to acquire knowledge and gain experiences as children grow older to become adults and become part of any society.  A person may not necessarily be enrolled in the best or most expensive private school but statistics have shown that school attendance is very important for his/her future.  Here are 10 important facts that relate to schooling:

Fact 1:  Attendance in school is a great predictor of student performance.  Students who attend their classes every day are more likely to perform better academically over those who are always absent.

Fact 2:  Chronic absenteeism in the 6th grade is great indicator for possible drop-out by the time the student reaches high-school. The more days a student skips school, the more he/she will be likely to do it during high school leading to a high drop-out possibility.

Fact 3:  Students from low-income families are more likely to become chronic absentees in school.  This is widely due to the fact that these kids often have domestic and family problems to deal with. Some have unstable housing conditions while others may not have enough money for daily commutes and other school-related expenses.

Fact 4:  In the US, about 10% of students miss a total of 1 month of schooling every single year.  One month is translated to about 20 days of missed lectures and activities which can greatly affect the student’s academic performance.

Fact 5:  More than 1 million students in the US drop out of school every year.  About 80 million may enroll for school every year across the US, but a sizeable 1 million of them actually leave school because of various reasons.

Fact 6:  A quarter of HS freshmen will not be able to complete high school in the US.  Many of these drop-outs are a result of chronic absenteeism and family or economic situations.

Fact 7:  A college graduate will earn 1 million more than those who dropped out in college. This is simply due to the fact that college graduates have the degrees and skills that are required for high-paying jobs.  High school drop-outs meanwhile are often content with blue-collar jobs that don’t pay well over their lifetime.

Fact 8:  75% of crimes in the US is committed by people who are actually drop-outs in high school.  This basic statistic shows the grim prospects of students who don’t complete their schooling.  Many of them wander in the streets and get exposed to vices and criminal activities.

Fact 9:  Many students across the US are expected to move and transfer to different schools at some point in their student life.  As much as 25% of elementary students and half of high school students will switch schools for various reasons.  This fact basically justifies the standard curriculum set for the different schools across the US.

Fact 10:  School attendance improves with activities involving both the students and their parents.  Many schools support the idea of having the parents involved in school activities and statistics have shown that these efforts actually translate to improved attendance and overall better academic performance.

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