Facts About San Diego

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While its perfectly balanced weather is the major reason for its worldwide popularity, only a small percentage of people are aware of the fact that San Diego is a city of a number of firsts. San Diego has an interesting history, is rich in arts and culture and has the most sightseeing tourism spots.

Here are a number of reasons why we love San Diego:

 1)  5th Best Place to Live in:

In 2006, MONEY Magazine ranked San Diego as the fifth-best place to reside in United States. San Diego owes this honor to its perfect climate, beautiful beaches which stretch up to 70 miles and numerous beautiful spots distributed all over San Diego.

 2) Location:

San Diego lies to the southwest side of California, 120 miles towards south of the city Los Angeles and north of Tijuana, California. It is located at 1591 feet above sea level.

 3)  San Diego’s Population:

San Diego is a populous city with a population of 1.38 million and it is the eighth largest city of United States and second largest city in California. The median age of the residents of San Diego is 35.6 years, one fourth of its population is under the age of 20 and approximately 11% of the population above 65 years. 41.3% of San Diego’s residents over the age of 25 have at least completed their bachelors program.

4) Employment and Income:

The unemployment rate for San Diego, according to the statistics of 2010, was 10.1%. While the median household income was found to be $70,149.

 5)  Major Producer of Horticulture Products:

San Diego excels in the production of horticulture items, nurseries, sod products and greenhouses. It has a huge number of farms which range over 7,000 in number. San Diego is also one of the major producers of avocados in the US.

 6) Geisel Library in La Jolla:

San Diego was home to the renowned writer, Dr. Suess. Giesel Library, located in The University of California, San Diego has a massive collection of original manuscripts of Dr. Suess. At one time, Dr. Suess (Ted Geisel) took residence in La Jolla.

 7)  San Diego’s Biggest Wooden Structure:

The Hotel Del Coronado has been attributed as San Diego’s largest wooden structure. The first outdoor Christmas tree which was lit electrically was featured in this very hotel in 1904.

8)  San Diego’s First Drive-In Restaurant:

Oscar’s is San Diego’s first drive-in restaurant and it was inaugurated by Robert Oscar Peterson. He is the same person who initiated the fast food chain known as Jack in the Box, back in 1951.

9) San Diego’s Pet Name:

San Diego was reffered to as Tuna Capital of the World between the time of early 1930s to late 1970s.

10) Traffic Situation in San Diego:

Whilst the weather of San Diego is nothing less than perfect, the traffic situation is far from perfect. According to a survey, an avergae motorist of San Diego stays in his car for 256 hours per year.

11) San Diego Zoo:

The San Diego Zoo was filmed for Will Ferrell’s movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy which was released in 2004. The zoo was repeatedly shown in the movie.

12) Children’s Swimming Pool in La Jolla:

The children’s swimming pool in La Jolla is a spectacle. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been open for swimming because a massive amount of seal poop was found in the pool over and over and the issue was not resolved through any control measures.

13) San Diego’s Stadium:

San Diego’s Stadium was inaugurated in 1967. It bore a price tag of $27 million.

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