Facts About Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali is a Spanish artist who specialized in surrealism.  He is well-loved and famous for his bizarre drawings and paintings that are said to be inspired from his dreams.  Many of his work were referred to as hand-painted dreams.  Born in Figueras Spain, Salvador Dali is not only a surrealist artist and painter but also had talents in sculpture and filmmaking.  The following are some facts about the man who is considered as the greatest surrealist artist of modern times:

Fact 1:  Salvador Dali was not fond of counting money.  He was even considered notorious because he doesn’t even know how to count his very own money.

Fact 2:  The greatest surrealist of his time was said to be afraid of grasshoppers. This is one of those things that make Salvador Dali a real person that is loved by many.

Fact 3:  Salvador Dali was once expelled from school.  During his stay at the Academia de San Fernando, the young Dali was accused of leading a student protest involving the Painting School.

Fact 4:  Paris was the site of Salvador Dali’s first individual art exhibition.  The year was 1931 when Dali exhibited “The Persistence of Memory” in the capital city of France.

Fact 5:  Salvador Dali shares his name with his older brother.  His older brother actually died before he was to be born and so he assumed the same name.

Fact 6:  Salvador Dali believed in superstition.  As a form of lucky charm, Dali was known to carry along his so-called lucky driftwood wherever he goes for an art exhibition or other reasons.

Fact 7:  The secretaries and assistants that Salvador Dali became millionaires.  While serving Dali, his secretaries were only given commissions instead of the regular salaries.  By the time Dali’s work became famous, the commissions turned out to be financially rewarding to his assistants and secretaries.

Fact 8:  Salvador Dali chose to drop out of art school because of financial support.  At the time when he was supposed to get a degree, Dali opted not to take the final exam in order to continue enjoying financial support from his father.  Getting a degree would mean no support from his father in terms of money.

Fact 9:  Salvador Dali once suffocated in an art exhibition.  While explaining his work at the London International Surrealist Exhibition in 1936, Dali found himself in a difficult position while inside a glass bowl.  The artist was near fainting when another artist came to his rescue.

Fact 10:  As a true artist with bizarre taste, Salvador Dali was fond of the cauliflower’s curves and shape.  He even filled a car with 500 kilograms of this vegetable while driving from Spain to Paris.

Fact 11:  Salvador Dali lost his inheritance from his father after marrying his wife. Dali’s family opposed his marriage to Gala who was 10 years younger and already mothered a child with another man.

Fact 12:  Salvador Dali became part of a game show.  The Fifties game show was called “What’s My Line” and Dali took part as a guest.

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