Facts About Russia

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Russia is a unique country for it belongs not only to just one continent but two, namely, Asia and Europe. By looking at the map, you can see that Russia has two colors. The green one belongs to the continent of Europe, and the blue part of Russia belongs to Asia.

Fact 1: The Bolshoi Theatre is one of the historical places to be found in Russia. The one of the oldest ballet companies originated in this place.

Fact 2: The money currency in Russia is called the ‘œruble.’ One dollar is equivalent to 30 rubles.

Fact 3: The type of government of Russia is a federation, and their Independence Day is August 24, 1991. Their latest constitution was made December 12, 1993.

Fact 4: There are several types of religions in Russia. Some of them are: Russian Orthodox, another is Islam, next is Judaism, then Roman Catholicism, others are Protestant, Buddhist, and many others.

Fact 5: Their official language is Russian, and there are more than 140 dialects that are used by the people of Russia.

Fact 6: The highest mountain that can be found in all of Europe is to be found in the Caucasus mountains which are found in Russia.

Fact 7: There are seven, public holidays that people can experience in Russia only. These holidays are: New Year’s and Orthodox Christmas, which is celebrated from December 31 until January 8 the following year. Next is Men’s Day, or also known as Defenders of the Motherland Day, during February 23. Third is the International Women’s Day which is celebrated during March 8, another is Labor Day during May 1. On May 9th, Victory Day is celebrated by Russia in which they had won over Nazi Germany in World War II, June 12 is the so-called, Day of Russia, and November 4 is called the Day of National Unity.

Fact 8: Russian Orthodox is the major religion of the people in Russia, followed by Islam, and other w minority religions.

Fact 9: There are six months in a year wherein Russia is covered with snow.

Fact 10: There are nine time zones used by Russia.

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