Facts About Rottweilers

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Rottweilers are among the Top 10 most popular dog breeds in America. Many dog lovers choose rottweilers because of their loyalty and behavior. They are known to be great companion dogs for families. Below are some facts about this famous dog breed:


Fact 1: Rottweilers originated from Germany. These may be very famous across the US, but the actual ancestors of these dogs are German. From Germany, the rottweiler breed has spread across different countries including the US.

Fact 2: Rottweilers are good with herding. Back in Germany, rottweilers were commonly used for herding. With their muscular bodies, these dogs have been originally known to be good farm dogs that can help drive cattle or pull farming carts.

Fact 3: Many people fear the rottweiler because of its very strong jaw. Aside from their strong bodies, their bite force is considered as one of the strongest making some people fear this dog breed.

Fact 4: The rottweiler body is said to be very prone to obesity. Their muscular built basically needs to be maintained in terms of regular exercise. The place they live in also needs to be big enough for their regular physical activities.

Fact 5: Rottweilers are great runners. Their bodies may be quite big and muscular but these dogs can also run very fast with some of them reaching speeds of to 25 miles per hour.

Fact 6: Rottweilers are always mistaken as very aggressive dogs. Their strong bodies and great bite force earn them this wrong reputation. These dogs are actually very reserved and loyal to their owners.

Fact 7: Rottweiler breed standards in the past allowed for different coat colors. Most people may be familiar of the black coat of these dogs, but other colors like red and gray were part of the breed standard of the past.

Fact 8: A distinct behavior of rottweilers is their tendency to lean on their owners. This behavior is said to have rooted from their early days of herding cattle wherein they literally lean over cattle to push them into a particular direction.

Fact 9: Rottweilers need good leadership. These dog breeds are known to be very loyal but need constant and reliable discipline from their masters. People who have them must ensure that these dogs get enough exercise to remain healthy and enough socialization with other people and dogs to keep them calm and playful.

Fact 10: Rottweilers puppies take a longer time to mature than most breeds. A rottweiler typically achieves full adult size at 2 years of age which is quite late for dogs.

Fact 11: Rottweilers shed a lot of hair. Their fur coat may be short but these dogs also shed a lot of hair every day and throughout their lives.

Fact 12: Rottweilers are popular service dogs. Their loyal nature and strong bodies make them ideal for various work and activities. These dogs are very helpful for the police especially in the search and rescue operations.   Rottweilers are also often used as guide dogs for the blind and as therapy dogs for the sick.

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