Facts About Rihanna

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Who doesn’t know Rihanna, right?! She was designated as one of the “most influential person” on this planet by the Times Magazine in 2012. That is no surprising fact considering her hit singles and albums, her avid presence as brand ambassador of some very popular fitness and beauty product brands, and her effervescent presence in the media limelight thanks to the media and paparazzi that fails to differentiate her private and public life! While most Rihanna fans might claim to know everything there is about this well-known R&B sensation; here are some facts that might surprise you!

Fact 1:
Born on 20th February, 1988, she was christened Robyn Rihanna Fenty. While popularity came knocking, her middle name assumed “centre-stage”; and so the world knows her as “Rihanna”! She has two brothers, both younger; and their names start with “R” too – Rorrey and Rajad.

Fact 2:
One fact that Rihanna shares with many celebrities in the music industry is a broken home. Her father, Ronald Fenty, had an ever-failing fight with cocaine addiction; thanks to which her parents separated when she was 14 years.

Fact 3:
Her mother, Monica Fenty, who worked as an accountant struggled to take care of her family. But that didn’t stop her from sending Rihanna to one of the top schools in her hometown Barbados – The Combermere School! And thanks to her parents, Rihanna has a Barbadian origin on the paternal side and a Guyanese origin on her mothers’.

Fact 4:
Her mother was also a great support when Rihanna decided to launch a career in music. It was through her mother’s friend that she gained a break and got signed up with Syndicated Rhythm Productions. Her mother also relocated with her to New York to her help her during her initial period.

Fact 5:
Her first real breakthrough came through her singles “Pon De Replay”. Jay Z who auditioned her thought that the song was so huge that this could be her only greatest hit. Well, time has proved him wrong and Rihanna went on to produce several other hit singles and albums, including her very popular “Umbrella” for which she was awarded ‘Monster Single of the Year’, ‘MTV Music Video Award’, and ‘Video of the Year’ in 2007.

Fact 6:
Rihanna’s fan following runs into millions, no doubt! But did you know she has her own favorites and is an ardent fan of Madonna, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce. She is also a great fan of the “Flyleaf”, an American heavy metal band.

Fact 7:
Besides the many awards she has won for her music, Rihanna has also won “Celebirty Legs of a Goddess” award from Gillette’s Venus Breeze! Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she has insured her legs for a value of $1 million. But what is really surprising is that till she won her first beauty pageant in high school, she was more of a tom-boy than a girl interested in clothes and cosmetics!

Fact 8:
Rihanna has developed her own ways to cool her nerves and keep herself motivated. Taking a shot of alcohol before her stage performance, mingling un-noticed in the crowd before her shows, and reading her collarbone tattoo “Never a failure, Always a Lesson” by looking at the mirror are some of her tactics.

Fact 9:
She is not only the tourism ambassador of Barbados but her birthday is also celebrated as “Rihanna Day” in her homeland! Some celebrity status that! But it is not surprising considering that she is the most-trending person on social platforms including Facebook and Vevo and has seven wax figurines at Madame Tussauds around the world!

Fact 10:
Although “Pon de Replay” shot her to fame, she did not like the song and it is still not one of her favorites either! Her single “Diamond” enjoys that status. Quite an irony considering that she is not a “diamond” person; she prefers gold jewelry.

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