Facts About Respect

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Respect is a way of treating other people in a nice way despite varying circumstances in life. Being kind to oneself and to others is a form of respect and it can be applied to various situations in life. A person may not necessarily agree with another person’s ideas or activities but he/she still needs to treat the other person in a positive and nice way to show respect and understanding. Respect results to various facts of life and below are some of them:

Fact 1: Respect always comes with understanding. One cannot give respect to another person without having to understand him/her first. Instead of judging, a person may treat another person nicely to show respect based on initial thought and understanding.

Fact 2: The value of respect typically starts at home. People typically become respectful to others and society in general when they learn this value in their own home. As children, people are always taught to always be nice and treat others well and this foundation and experience will eventually lead them to make better and respectful choices later in their lives.

Fact 3: Respect promotes positivity. When there is respect, people typically tend to be calm and nice to each other. Even if these same people have different lifestyles or different opinions, when there is respect for each other, only positivity will come out from any interaction.

Fact 4:
Respect can be used as a way of showing people that one is a strong and nice person. By treating others nicely and positively, one is actually showing strength as a person. Instead of having to resort to being judgmental or choosing to feel angry and disgusted for example, people who are respectful choose to be more tolerant which is a true display of strength.

Fact 5: Being respectful means that a person values discipline. Treating others the way they are supposed to showcases the value of being disciplined and obedient.

Fact 6:
Respect is another way of showing care for others. Understanding the differences of other people is a way of showing care and concern. Showing respect simply translates to thinking of the other person’s concerns before one’s own struggles in life.

Fact 7: Respect from other people is ideally earned rather than asked for. Some people in authority may force people to respect them and treat them the way they wanted but other people actually give true respect voluntarily.
Fact 8: Showing respect for other people also helps earn trust. People who follow simple rules and treat people nicely typically earn the approval and trust of the other people around them. Children will earn the trust of their parents when they show respect to them and the rules at home and in school for example.

Fact 9: Respect builds relationships. When there is respect, relationships between different people will grow and flourish. Families and office mates will be bonded more strongly when all members have respect for each other.

Fact 10:
Respect promotes joy and happiness. People will only get to smile in their hearts when they are able to show respect and also earn the respect of others. The positive attitude will simply translate to positive feelings that will last for long.

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