Facts about Rectangles

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Rectangles are mathematical shapes that are formed by joining four straight lines at right angles with one another. It belongs to the family of parallelogram and each of its side is parallel to the other side. A rectangle is one of the very initial shapes that the children learn to recognize when they get introduced to mathematical shapes. The four lines and four right angles make it an easier shape to be practiced and learned. However, there are a number of interesting facts that the kids must know about rectangles. Here we present some of these facts which may be somewhat new to our readers.

Fact 1:

Everywhere around us, there are rectangular shapes more than any other shape in the world. (Catman, 2011)

Fact 2:

There can be two diagonals drawn in a rectangle, but the diagonals are of different angles. (Catman, 2011)

Fact 3:

Rectangles are quadrilateral, ‘œquad’ meaning ‘œ4’ and ‘œlateral’ meaning ‘œsides’. (Dr. Carr, 2012)

Fact 4:

For a rectangle, two parallel and opposite sides are equal in length but 4 angles are same, i.e., right angles.(Dr. Carr, 2012)

Fact 5:

A rectangle is a two dimensional shape and according to some mathematicians, a three dimensional image drawing of a rectangle is the easiest of all the mathematical shapes. (Dr. Carr, 2012)

Fact 6:

Rectangles make four triangles inside but no squares even though it has four right angles constituting the shape of a rectangle. (Catman, 2011)

Fact 7:

When divided diagonally, the triangles that form in a rectangle are called as the isosceles triangles. (Catman, 2011)

Fact 8:

A rectangle is always flatter in shape with four distinct points. (Dr. Carr, 2012)

Fact 9:

Moving a rectangle through space gives a very interesting solid structure called as the rectangular prism. (Dr. Carr, 2012)


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