Facts About Reading

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Reading plays an important role in the everyday life of every person because reading is applied to almost everything that a person must do. Reading is known to be a healthy pastime on the part of the readers with a sense that they become more knowledgeable about the things around them, and that they become aware of what is happening in their environment. With reading, there is a tendency for people to become broad-minded as well as open-minded about the events and issues that are taking place in society.

Fact 1: Reading is declining on the part of most people, especially students, because of the effects of modern technologies such as computers, Internet, and other gadgets.

Fact 2: On the average, an individual reads not more than a book each year.

Fact 3: The human eye is more fatigued when you read slowly and experiences less fatigue when you  reading quickly.

Fact 4: When a person loves to read, he will be able to develop his imagination so that he will be able to cope with what he is reading.

Fact 5: Reading is known to be one of the primary ingredients for the academic enhancement of a child or person.

Fact 6: Family reading is one way of having a bonding time with your family, and it gives more confidence to the child knowing that his family will listen to him. It can be done in a short period of time every day for approximately 20 minutes.

Fact 7: Reading is one of the ancient skills known to help the human world for it provides different information about the things that surround us.

Fact 8: Having average reading skills, the human eye makes at least 12 to 16 stops in a book while a fast reader makes at least 2 to 4 stops.

Fact 9: People who spend time mostly reading become more sociable than those who do not.

Fact 10: Reading develops a person’s ability to write. A good writer is a good reader.

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  1. Destiny

    May 14, 2013 4:07 pm

    I’m a huge reader and I fly through books constantly at a fast pace. I went through a 1,239 page book within 2 and 1/2 days with a minimum of 4-5 distractions. I agree with all the facts about reading and I appreciate you guys taking the time to write this for people to see.


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