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FACT 1: Queen Elizabeth was born to King Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, on September 7th of 1533.

FACT 2: Elizabeth was frequently troubled in her early years of life. Her father wanted to have a son as he had a daughter already by his first wife called Katherine of Aragon.

FACT 3: Anne Boleyn was executed on May 19th in the year 1536 on false charges of incest and adultery. The marriage of Anne with Henry VIII was nullified, and Elizabeth was considered illegitimate and underprivileged for the succession to the throne.

FACT 4: Elizabeth saw many of her stepmothers in the consequent for eight years of her life after her mother’s death. Jane Seymour gave birth to the son, Edward, that died.

FACT 5: The historians debate that the reason for Queen Elizabeth not marrying was probably because her father constantly changed the bride. There are few other reasons that might have led the Queen to remain single, like the fear of childbirth, and the heartbreaking outcomes of Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard. Many women at that time lost their lives after giving birth to a child.

FACT 6: The Queen would have to surrender all of the royal powers to her husband; therefore, she was not ready to do that.

FACT 7: Elizabeth excelled in her education. She was taught by famous intellectuals like Roger Ascham and William Grindal. She was keenly proficient in languages in her childhood, and in her adulthood she could speak five languages fluently.

FACT 8: Elizabeth had to face many more problems after the death of her father in 1547. Edward became the king of England. In the year 1553, due to a prolonged illness, Edward died and Elizabeth’s half-sister became the Queen of England.

FACT 9:  Queen Mary was suspicious that her half-sister was aspiring for the throne and had made a plan for seizing the throne. Elizabeth was imprisoned for this reason.

FACT 10: Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne on November 17th of the year 1558.

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