Facts About Qatar

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Qatar has recently been in the news after getting the go ahead to host the 2022 World Cup. This event is highly anticipated as the country is known for not only being a hot place, but also very extravagant. Furthermore, Qatar is a very diverse country having over 180 nationalities.

Fact 1: Qatar has a very young population of people ranging between 26 and 55 which are able to boost its economy.

Fact 2: Fascinatingly, fish is a natural resource in Qatar that is found in large quantities, just the same as natural gas and petroleum.

Fact 3: Qatar was once under Bahrain’s control but the two countries decide to create independent nations.

Fact 4: Official statistics show that there are 33 citizens in Qatar who are approximately 100 years old.

Fact 5: Al Dafna means buried and it is a seaside area in Qatar that was literally built after land reclamation efforts along the coastline of Doha.

Fact 6: Qatar imports over 90% of food and only cultivates 2% of its arable land.

Fact 7: By hosting the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is going to be the smallest nation to ever host this great competition, even though it hasn’t qualified in the past.

Fact 8: Buying junk food at McDonalds in Qatar is more costly than filling the tank of a car with petrol. This is probably because petrol and other oil products are very cheap.

Fact 9: Although foreigners are encouraged to invest in Qatar, the controlling share of the company must be operated by a citizen of Qatar. The only exception is The Pearl, which is an exclusive manmade island.

Fact 10: Qatar is a nation plagued by obesity with citizens fatter than even people in America. Approximately half of the adult population and most of the children are obese.

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