Facts About Puppies

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Puppies are considered one of the cutest things in the world. And those who have had them know how similar they feel to a human baby. Not only in their innocent gaze but also in the way they feed and sleep. Not to mention, the mess they make and the time they take; and still manage to win over all your sympathy and love! Dogs have, and will always be, man’s best friend; therefore puppies will continue to be an integral part of human life.

So, it is important that we are aware of some facts that relate to them. Even if you are not a “dog” person yourself, these facts could still help you; who knows when you would have to advice a friend!

Fact 1:
Did you know there is a special day dedicated for puppies? Well, why not? After all it is man’s best friend! Well, this wonderful day falls on March 23rd every year. So, if you are a dog-lover and didn’t know this; probably it is time to honor your “pal” on their special day. Or maybe even adopt one on this special day!

Fact 2:
Human population is not the only thing that is being tracked; even dog population is! According to records, 6.2 million puppies are welcomed every year in the US.

Fact 3:
There are hundreds of different breeds when it comes to dogs. However, people find certain breeds quite endearing. In the US, the place for the most favorite dog is occupied by the Labrador retriever and the second place is taken up by German shepherds.

Fact 4:
Puppies are like humans babies in more ways than one. To begin with, they are also born “toothless”. Well, those who have brought up dogs know all the teething troubles that dogs face. Or rather, all the troubles we face when they are teething! No wonder one of the most popular dog toys are “chew” toys.

But that’s not the only thing they are born without. Puppies are also born without their strong sense of hearing and smell. Now you know why your puppy kept running the other way when you called out to him in the initial days. However, puppies actually gain their sense of smell three weeks after their birth. So, if it is still doing that, either change your dog trainer or change the dog owner!

And again, the similarities with humans don’t stop there. Puppies follow a sleeping schedule that is similar to babies – they sleep almost 14 hours every day; two hours short when compared to babies.

Fact 7:
Their feeding patterns are also almost similar. They need five small meals a day to keep them going. Now you know why they say bringing up a dog is just like bringing up a child!

Fact 8:
However, here comes the big difference – of course, besides their hairy body, drooling mouth, and ever-wagging tail! Dogs are considered adults once they attain one year of age. Yes, you read it right! That’s because a one-year old dog is actually 15 years in human age.

Fact 9:
Although dogs are known for their sense of smell and hearing; as puppies, the first sense they begin using is their sense of touch. But once their smell glands develop, puppies can smell a 1,000 times more than a human can!

Fact 10:
Each human is believed to have a unique finger-print. Similarly, each dog is believed to have a unique nose print! And the next time you meet a new puppy, don’t show off those pearly whites; revealing your teeth is related with aggressive behavior when it comes to puppies. You know what they say; smile is unique to humans! So, keep it for your human pals.

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