Facts About Pomeranians

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If you are planning to bring a pet home, you can go for a Pomeranean, a classy, small-sized dog that gives great company.

Fact 1 History Of Pomeranians

The Pomeranean breed is a small-sized dog that evolved from the Spitz type specifically the ones found in Germany that were however larger in size. According to history, these dogs migrated from Siberia and Northern Russia to different parts of Germany. Earlier, the larger ones were used as sled animals and were great guards while the smallest were kept as pets. They usually weighed about 30 lbs.

Fact 2 Description

Pomeraneans are cute, dainty dogs with a dense, double coat. The undercoat is soft and wooly-type but the upper coat has long, rough and standing hairs. They carry a straight tail that lies flat on their backs which make them so unique and distinct from other breeds of Spitz dogs. The plume starts from the tail and reaches the back of the head for which the shiny, long hairs offer a circular illusion. The head is small and has a short muzzle, almond-shaped eyes, tiny ears and an attractive expression that easily wins over the hearts of pet-lovers. They move gracefully for the body is solid and compact with cat-like feet.

Fact 3 Variation In Colors

The Pomeraneans being small in size are mostly 8 inches high and weigh about 1.8 kg to 2 kg. But the females weigh more. They are found in various colors ranging from orange to cream, orange sable, cream sable, chocolate, black, wolf sable, beaver, blue and white. The patterns also differ according to the breeds and are mostly brindles, black and tan, merle and parti color.

Fact 4 Characteristics

The Pomeranean is perhaps one of the liveliest little creature that one can keep at home. It is a sheer delight watching it play about and easily becomes a member of the family and loves to be among kids. It is an extrovert and extremely loyal. To keep it healthy, exercises are a must for them which is not very difficult too as even a child of 12 years can take it out for a stroll or a game of ball to the parks. Their loving nature is highly commendable. They are best friends for elders when they are sick and idealfor lively kids.

Fact 5 Intelligent Pets

The Pomeraneans are extremely intelligent and bright. They are eager to learn something new always keeping their inquisitive brains always busy. Training Pomeraneans is not so tiresome as they listen to commands and understand them faster than other breeds. As they are obedient, you can teach them how to perform important errands too like handing over the newspaper or calling someone from the other room and so on. They are affectionate and loving and so love to lie close to their masters or kids who also love them. Their energy is endless and their inquisitiveness is worth watching. They try to involve themselves in everything that happens around them and also keep watch over intruders and newcomers to the family. They do not trust strangers and so bark loudly to inform the family.

Fact 6 How To Keep Them Tidy

Pomeraneans are hairy and naturally shed heavily during certain seasons of the year. But you need to take care of it. Brushing them occasionally will help a lot in keeping your home free of flying hairs. Special care should be taken about this issue where there are kids as the hairs may get into your food also.

Fact 7 Lifespan

Pomeraneans usually live for about 12 years. But there are exceptions too and they may live for 16 years. The Pomeraneans are the best breeds that you can have at home.

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