Facts about Pneumonic Plague

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There was once a time when there was nothing more dangerous and life-threatening than AIDS and cancer. But what I have figured out is that the plague is the worst of all as there is no beforehand precautionary treatment against plague. Commonly spread as a pandemic, the plague has some very interesting facts about it that must be known.

Fact 1:

A disease caused by bacteria from rodents, the pneumonic plague is the result of lung infection cause by the bacteria Y. pestis. (Yersinia pestis, plague)

Fact 2:

There are three forms of naturally occurring plague: pneumonic plague, bubonic plague, and septicemic plague. (Yersinia pestis, plague)

Fact 3:

The greatest strike in the history of plague, and the most infamous, was the Black Death. It swept through Europe and Asia killing over 25 million people! (National Geographic)

Fact 4:

The plague keeps striking, even in modern times. Almost 180 deaths were recorded with a total of 2100 cases of plague during the year 2003, and surprisingly all of the cases were found in Africa. (National Geographic)

Fact 5:

The rodent fleas which inhabit the bodies of rodents are responsible for carrying the plague bacteria into the body of the humans.

Fact 6:

The black rat or the domestic rat which lives among the humans is the most deadly spreader of pneumonic plague.

Fact 7:

Pneumonic plague is so virulent that it can spread from person to person through the air. (CDC)

Fact 8:

Within the first 24 hours of the appearance of the symptoms of pneumonic plague, antibiotics must be started in order to reduce and, hopefully, eliminate the chances of death. (CDC)

Fact 9:

A very astonishing fact about this disease is that even though it is so old in origin, there has been no active vaccine made for the protection against plague.

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