Facts About Pigs

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Pigs have a very negative reputation compared to other animals. For a long time pigs have been linked to dirt, greed and other negative traits. However, as you will soon find out here below, pigs are highly intelligent creatures and there is a lot more to them than what you have heard.

Fact 1: Pigs are more sophisticated than dogs and also have a higher cognitive ability than a 2 year old human.

Fact 2: Contrary to what many people think, pigs are very clean animals. When given adequate space, pigs will be cautious not to dirty the place where they eat or sleep.

Fact 3: Pigs cannot sweat and instead they prefer bathing in mud or water to stay cool. They fancy water than mud.

Fact 4: Pigs seem to have an exceptional sense of bearing and direction. They go back to their homes even if they were placed far away from their surroundings.

Fact 5: Pigs do not feed gluttonously as was previously thought, but they prefer eating slowly and savoring their meal.

Fact 6: Pigs are social creatures and they constantly communicate with each other.

Fact 7: Pig skin closely resembles human skin and many tattooists use it as a practice canvas by purchasing it a butcher shop.

Fact 8: The scream of a pig in agony is an unpleasant noise that soldiers in the past took advantage of to help fight war elephants. The elephants usually retreated in terror after hearing the noises from pigs, sometimes crushing their own armies.

Fact 9: An adult pig can run quite fast and reach speeds of 11mph.

Fact 10: Pigs are ranked amongst the ultimate survivors in the world not only due to their great intelligence, but also for their diverse diet. They can consume nearly anything including human flesh.

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