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Fact 1: In the Greek alphabet, ‘œpi’ was introduced by an English Mathematician in the year 1706. In the year 1737, the symbol pi was used by Euler to represent the value of it.  Pi was taken from the Greek word called ‘œpiwas.’ Pi is the 16th  letter in the Greek alphabet.

Fact 2: The value determined for pi  is described as the number of times a diameter of the circle fits into the circumference.

Fact 3: The value of pi is written as 22/7 and is also represented as 3.14.

Fact 4: The pi value does not have a zero after the decimal point.

Fact 5: The value of pi is used in several geometrical calculations and scientific calculations involved in many the subjects including: genetic engineering, super strings, normal distribution, and measuring ripples.

Fact 6: A professor at the University of Tokyo called Yasumasa Kanada took nearly 116 hours to evaluate 6,442,450,000 decimal places of pi.

Fact 7: Another fraction that is considered to be an approximation for pi is 355/113. A still more accurate fraction for pi is 104348/33215.

Fact 8: An irrational number is the one that is not expressed in the form of a/b, while ‘œa’ and ‘œb’ are integers. Pi is grouped under irrational numbers.

Fact 9: The first person to use pi was the Welshman William Jones in the year 1706. The circle periphery is described by the unit’s diameter.

Fact 10: A memory champion called Hideaki Tomoyori recalled pi’s value by memory to about 40,000 places in the period of 17 hours 21 minutes. This time includes the breaking period of 4 hours 15 minutes. He has performed this event on March 9-10, 1987. The event happened at the Tsukuba University Club House.

Fact 11: Another memory champion who has memorized pi was Hiroyoki Gotu. He remembered 42,000 decimal digits.

Fact 12:  Feynman point is reached when there are six 9s  seen at the 763rd position after the decimal.

Fact 13: One billion decimals of pi when printed will extend from New York City to the middle of Kansas.

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