Facts About Photography

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Photography is something that fascinates almost every person in the planet.  Most people in the world would appreciate or wouldn’t mind creating memories of life and experiences through photographs. The art of photography was introduced way back in the 1800s and up to now, people have become so fond of taking pictures for various moments in their life.  Below are some interesting facts that relate to photography:

Fact 1:  Kodak used to be the king of photographs.  At one time in the late 1970s, the Eastman Kodak Company had a 90% market share of anything related to photography and cameras.  A lot about photo technology is invented by Kodak.

Fact 2:  Early cameras were sold for only 1 dollar. The simple cardboard box cameras released by Kodak back in 1900 under the “Brownie” series was of the inexpensive variety and can take small square photos measuring 2.25 inches.

Fact 3:  The first colored photograph was taken back in 1861.  This feat was achieved by a physicist named James Maxwell who combined three color filters into one image.  Using tartan ribbon as the subject, Maxwell used blue, yellow, and red lenses to produce the first colored photograph in history.

Fact 4:  In the early days of photography, people will need to sit for several hours to have their pictures taken.  Back in the 1820s, images are captured after several hours and this requires people to stay still for a really long period of time.

Fact 5:  The first digital camera was produced by Kodak.  It was in December 1975 when film cameras were slowly being replaced by digital camera technology invented by Kodak.  At the time, 23 seconds was required to capture a digital image.

Fact 6:  Kodak went bankrupt in 2012.  After being the leader in all things camera and photography, the Eastman Kodak Company eventually folded in 2012 with its very slow transition from film cameras to digital cameras.  Ironically, it was Kodak who actually invented the core technology for digital and modern cameras.

Fact 7:  The most expensive camera is the 1923 model from Leica.  This camera sold for 2.8 million dollars at an auction in Austria.

Fact 8:  Up to 250 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook every single day.  With millions of members, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the planet and contains the most pictures from people all over the world.

Fact 9:  In 2012, almost 40% of all pictures are taken using camera phones.  In the past, standard film cameras were replaced with digital cameras starting in the late 70s to 80s. Recent studies have shown though that the use of mobile phone cameras is increasing. The 40% registered in 2012 is also expected to reach 50% by 2015

Fact 10:  A man named Dilish Parekh has the biggest camera collection in the world.  Based in Mumbai, India, Dilish Parekh has more than 4000 cameras which he started collecting since 1977.

Fact 11:  At least 12 cameras are left in the surface of the moon during the Apollo mission.  These cameras were left on purpose to unload the spacecraft with so much weight and be able to bring some lunar rocks back to the Earth.

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