Facts About Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning is an American football quarterback playing for the Denver Broncos in the National Football League. Manning is a five-time MVP in the said league. He used to play for the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 to 2011 before joining his current team .

Fact 1:

Peyton William Manning was born on March 24, 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Manning’s family are composed of sportsmen with their father a former NFL quarterback, Archie Manning; his older brother, Cooper played for college football and his younger brother, Eli is the quarterback of the New York Giants .

Fact 2:

Cooper, Peyton Manning’s older brother, has been a great mentor to him and his younger brother.  Cooper was a talented football player and was recruited to play in schools in Division 1-A.  He went to play for their father’s Alma Mater, the University of Mississippi but in 1992 he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which ended his football career. He is now a business owner and has a family in New Orleans.

Fact 3:

Peyton Manning had 16 as his number when he joined the NFL. His brother Cooper was an All-state wide receiver and had 18 as his number. Due to a spinal condition that eventually lead him to stop playing, Peyton switched his number to 16 as a tribute to his brother ,

Fact 4:

Most of Peyton Manning’s touchdowns were thrown against Houston Texans. Of the 503 touchdowns of Manning, 48 were thrown against the Texans as he had played more games against the Texans along with Jacksonville.

He has thrown 41 touchdown against New England; Jacksonville with 40 and Tennessee with    35 .

Fact 5:

Peyton Manning won his first MVP award in 2003 along with Steve McNair . He won the title four more titles for the following years: 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2013 and is the first NFL player to have the said achievement. He holds the title of the fastest player to pass for 50,000 career yards and 4,000 completions .

Fact 6:

Peyton Manning along with Derek Jeter played host for the 40th year celebration of Saturday Night Live in 2007. Both introduced a sports montage video . The celebration were also attended by former casts member Eddie Murphy, Martin Short and Steve Martin .

Fact 7:

Peyton Manning’s net worth is $185 million according to the richest.com in 2015. He is also NFL’s top product endorser for Reebok, Sony, Wheaties, DirecTV, Gatorade and Papa John’s earning $10 million yearly .

Fact 8:

Manning Peyton’s parents, Archie and Olivia seemed like they were both lifted out from a teenage cliche love story. Archie was one of the prized football player in the South; a legend in the University of Mississippi as the quarterback from 1968 to 1970 and a top pick for the New Orleans Saints and had a 14-year NFL career. His mom, Olivia was Ole Miss’ Homecoming Queen in the 1970.

Fact 9:

Peyton Manning and his wife, Ashley got married during St. Patrick’s Day in March 17, 2001. Ashley was first introduced to Peyton by her parent’s next door neighbor (who played football in the University of Tennessee) before Peyton started college. When Ashley was asked about her first impression on Peyton, she replied he was a genuine person.

They welcomed two additions to the family on the arrival of their twins, Marshall and Mosley, in 2011. .

Fact 10:

Ashley Manning, Peyton’s wife, became a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies in 2012 along with Justin Timberlake, Penny Hardaway and former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. It was reported that she paid $5 million dollars for a 2.48% stake. Reports said that she joined as minority owner and paid the amount in order for the Grizzlies to remain in Memphis .

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