Facts About Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania is one of the states of the United States of America which is to be found in the Northeastern region of the U.S. Four of its most well-known places are: Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Philadelphia. The state has the nickname of the ‘œKeystone State.’ The ranking of the state within the 50 states of America is 33rd, and there are 57 counties that can be found in Pennsylvania.

Fact 1: Little League Baseball originated in the state of Pennsylvania.

Fact 2: There are many great inventions founded by the people of Pennsylvania that presently people are using. One is the typewriter, which was invented by J. D. Daugherty, in the year 1881. Another is the ferris wheel that was invented by George Ferris during the years 1892-1893.

Fact 3: Bubblegum, which is enjoyed by many people not only children, was created by Walter E. Diemer in 1928, and root beer, which is commonly drunk by adults, was founded in the year 1876. Both of these originated from Pennsylvania.

Fact 4: In Scranton, the first electric cars were being brought into usage during the year 1886.

Fact 5: There are two counties in Pennsylvania that do not have traffic lights namely: Forest County and Perry County.

Fact 6: The first capital of the United States of America was York, Pennsylvania.

Fact 7: In the year 1928, the original helicopter flight happened in Pennsylvania.

Fact 8: The Grumman Greenhouse, which is to be found in Philadelphia, was inspired by origami, or the art of folding papers.

Fact 9: When people decided to visit Wilkes Barre in Pennsylvania, they might come across the image of the Giant Cow. The name of the cow is Dina Three-O-Nina.

Fact 10: In the Upper Paxton Township, Pennsylvania, people would be able to see a giant Coke bottle that is located in a suburban home’s front yard. It is made from an old, huge, dead tree.

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