Facts About Peanuts

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Peanuts are well-loved food items in many parts of the world. Various food items that contain peanuts are the most popular in the US in terms of consumption. Peanut butter alone reigns supreme over all other nut-based spreads that are available in grocery stores.

Below are some interesting facts about peanuts:

Fact 1: Peanuts are actually part of the legume family. Unlike other nuts like almonds and walnuts for example that grow and sprout on trees, peanuts actually grow under the ground. Being a legume simply means that peanuts belong the same family as beans and peas.

Fact 2:
Hundreds of peanuts are needed to make a 12-ounce container of peanut putter. It literally takes about 500 well-grown average sized peanuts to make a small peanut butter jar.

Fact 3: About 40% of all candy bars in the US contain peanuts. This makes peanuts the most-consumed nut or legume in the US. Peanuts are pretty common in as the main flavor or additive to the candy bar section and they are also often used in various other food items like pastries and ice cream.

Fact 4: A whopping 94% of Americans consume peanuts and peanut-based products. This simply translates to almost every household having peanut butter or other food items that contain this popular nut.

Fact 5: Two former US Presidents are known to have been peanut farmers before they became country leaders. These two presidents are Jimmy Carter and Thomas Jefferson.

Fact 6: Peanuts are rich protein sources. One serving of peanuts is enough to provide up to 15% of the recommended daily protein intake for an individual. With this health fact, peanuts and other peanut-based products are considered good food for people who need lots of protein like those who want to gain weight or more muscle.

Fact 7: Peanuts are also good food for pregnant women. This is mainly because of their rich folate content. Folate is a nutrient that is essential for the brain development of the unborn baby and for the prevention of birth defects. Healthy levels of folate also helps lowers the chances of a person getting a heart ailment.

Fact 8: The oil produced from peanuts is considered premium among the experts in the food industry. Chefs and cooks prefer peanut oil because of its premium properties like having no taste and odor. These properties are sought after because they do not complicate the flavors of food.

Fact 9: Peanuts were only planted as alternative crops to cotton back in the 1900s. Back in those times, peanuts were used to alternate with cotton planting in fields across the US. The cotton tree was known to deplete the nitrogen in the soil while the peanut is able to replenish it creating for a healthy alternate planting cycle.

Fact 10: Peanuts can also cause severe allergies. Some allergies are also life-threatening and this is the reason why food items are required to put labels if they contain peanuts. Some people have simple skin rashes after peanut consumption while others may experience severe swelling in their faces or even difficulty in breathing.

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