Facts About Panama

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Panama is a country ruled by a president who has a five-year term. The country has its own nine provinces and another three indigenous territories. Panama is a Constitutional democracy in which it is led by the executive branch, judicial branch, and the unicameral legislature. Panama City is the largest part of the country, and it is also known as the capital. Panama is known to be the southernmost country in the continent of Central America. The people residing in the country are 85 percent Catholic and the remaining 15 percent are Protestant.

Fact 1: Panama is found in the middle of the continent of America.

Fact 2: People in Panama often wear bright-colored clothes, and they wear this attire whenever they have business transactions or meetings.

Fact 3: ‘œRepublic of Panama’ is known to be the official name of the country.

Fact 4: Panama has the lowest population found in Central America.

Fact 5: People find in Panama more than 10,000 varieties of plant species including: 1,200 different kinds of orchids, more than 1,500 types of trees, and 678 ferns.

Fact 6: There are many people in Panama who have the ability to speak using the English language, but their official language is Spanish.

Fact 7: Panama has the third largest economy in Central America, and they are considered the most centralized country in the continent.

Fact 8: The currencies used in the country are called the balboa and the dollar.

Fact 9: The first female president of the country was Mireya Moscoso.

Fact 10: The most expensive railroad is found in Panama, and it is called the Panama Railroad which cost $8 million over 5 years to build it.

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