Facts About Palm Trees

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Palm Trees are one of the most exotic plants that have offered great foliage and fruits from times unknown. Every part of the tall tree is exclusive and useful. It is called the Prince of the Vegetable Kingdom.

Fact 1 Structure Of Palm Trees

Palm Trees have a distinct structure that makes it different from most of the other trees that grow in the tropical regions. They have a huge cylindrical shaped trunk that looks like a pillar. In some of the trunks you can see hooked prickles-like markings while some are smooth. The leaves also known as fronds are large which are either feather-shaped or fan-shaped. The flowers of the Palm Trees are quite small as compared to the tree and are mostly of light green or yellowish green in color. The fruits too are of various kinds. Some are big while others small. They vary in color and contents also. The most common fruit are the coconut and date and the other is like a berry that has a hard kernel covered with a fleshy rind.

Fact 2 Types Of Palm Trees

Palm Trees grow more or less in all parts of the world. There are 3,000 types of Palm Trees that include:

  1. Royal Palm: These trees rise to a height of 80 feet and have a majestic look.
  2. Coconut Palm: It is famous for its amazing fruit and sometimes grows up to 100feet.
  3. Foxtail Palm: This category often found in Australia has large leaves and attractive fruits.
  4. Bismarck Palm: This type of Palm Tree has a marvelous canopy that offers cool shade and grows mostly in Madagascar.
  5. Needle Palm: This tree has pokey leaves and the spines are like needles of a porcupine. It does not grow very tall unlike the other Palm Trees.

Fact 3 Where Palm Trees Grow

Most Palm Trees grow in tropical regions and the main countries where Palm Trees grow in abundance are America and Asia. The places where one can enjoy the beauty, shade and other gifts of these trees are namely Europe, South Korea, North America, South America, Africa and Madagascar, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and in the United States, Palm Trees are found in Hawaii, Nevada, South Carolina, California, Texas, Florida and also in the Pacific Islands, islands lying in the Indian Ocean as well.

Fact 4 Uses Of Palm Trees

The versatility of Palm Trees is known throughout the world. The trunk of the trees, the leaves, the fruits and every part of the plant are extremely useful. Palm Trees mostly bring to the mind the picture of a peaceful seaside with rows of Palm waving in the breeze. The amazing cool shade that Palm groves offer travelers is well known in history. The other popular uses of the plant are:

  • Fruits are obtained from Palm Trees in various forms like the coconut, dates and berry-like fruits.
  • The heart of Palm is edible also and it can be stir-fried or added to salads.
  • The leaves are used to thatch roofs of houses in some areas.
  • Coir is obtained from the coarse fibers that cover the coconut fruits.
  • Mats, ropes and hats are made from coir.
  • Coconut oil is used for cooking.
  • Coconut oil is also used in beauty products and is unique as an anti-aging remedy.
  • Palm oil is extracted from the trees and used in various industries.

Fact 5 Historical Reference

Palm Trees have been often mentioned in the Bible and also the Koran. To the Christians Palm is a symbol of victory. The Muslims regard it as tree of life”. Palm trees do not get thicker but simply taller as years go by.

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