Facts about P.K. Subban

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When we talk about sports of interest, and ice hockey in particular, who would say NO to the name of Parnell Karl Subban (P.K Subban). Stepping up and conquering the world of ice hockey in 2005, P.K Subban is one of the most vicious players who skates on the ice like a storm. Having four siblings, P.K Subban was the lucky one to earn his fame in Canada and the world over among ice hockey fans. People know about P.K Subban as a player, but there are also some other interesting facts that the fans of this high ranked hockey player would love to know.

Fact 1:

P.K Subban or Parnell Karl Subban was born on May 13, 1989 in Toronto, Canada. (Evi.com)

Fact 2:

He is a very well-known ice hockey champion of Canadian ice hockey teams. (Evi.com)

Fact 3:

Playing professionally as a defenseman, P.K Subban is playing for Belleville Bulls of the Ontario Hockey League now days. (Evi.com)

Fact 4:

P.K Subban, a Canadian-born Jamaican, made his debut in the NHL in 2009 with the Montreal Canadians. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 5:

The professional career of the player P.K Subban started in the year 2005. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 6:

Not many people know that this young player won two World Junior Championships when he was a junior player registered in the Canadian Junior International team. (Famous Birthdays)

Fact 7:

Once his brother Malcolm was asked what he hated about Montreal and he replied, ‘œP.K Subban’! (Tumblr.)

Fact 8:

‘œP.K Subban was drafted in 2007, 42 selections after Patrick Kane’. (Famous Birthdays)

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