Facts about Oreos

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1. Cream to Cookie Ratio

The original Oreo cookie has a cream to cookie ratio of 29 percent cream and 71 percent cookie. Oreos are available in different varieties including the Mega Stuf and the Double Stuf. When they first entered the market, Oreo sales were made by weight at a cost of thirty cents for each pound.

2.Debut Flavor

The first Oreos came in a flavor that is well known and liked today. However, Oreos flavored with lemon meringue were also available. In some countries, Oreos have flavors that are not familiar to cookie lovers in the United Stated. For instance, Oreos with green tea and ice cream flavor are available in China while in Argentina, Oreos with banana and dulche de leche flavors are sold.

3. Oreos take an Hour to Make

It takes about an hour, precisely 59 minutes to bake an Oreo cookie. Despite the fact that Oreos have a cream filling, they are featured on the list of foods that are considered accidentally vegan that is compiled by persons who support ethical treatment of animals.

4. Eating Oreos

Women are said to be more likely to separate their Oreos during eating compared to men. How a person eats their Oreo depicts something about their personality. People who dunk their Oreos are considered social and adventurous, while twisters are thought to be trendy, artistic and sensitive. People who bite their Oreos are considered to be self-confident and easy-going.

5. Conversion to Kosher

Oreos became Kosher following their popular demand in December, 1997. Their conversion to Kosher from being non-Kosher took an estimated 3 year period. According to Professor Joe Regenstein of Cornell Food Science, it was the most costly process ever.

6. Previous Pig Lard Recipe

Before the conversion from non-Kosher to Kosher happened, Oreos were made using their original recipe referred to as Pig Lard. This meant that they had not conformed to the Jewish dietary laws. In the original recipe for Oreo cookies, pork fat was used to generate a creamy center. For people who prefer to keep off the original recipe, there are numerous Kosher Oreos in the market today.

7. The First Oreo Cookies

The very first Oreo cookies were developed in 1912. These cookies have dominated people’s taste buds for more than 100 years and have evolved greatly since their creation. At the beginning, Oreo cookies featured simple chocolate cookie pairs with a cream filling lining between them. Today, there are different varieties of Oreo cookies to choose from.

8. Top Selling Cookies

Billions of Oreo cookies have been sold since their creation and introduction to the market. Compared to other packaged cookies, Oreos are the top selling cookies in the United States and are honored on March 6th, a day that is considered the National Oreo Day.

9. First made in New York City

The first Oreo cookies were made in a bakery in New York City. It is not clear why the name Oreo was chosen for these cookies but they were made to target British customers. Initially, the cookies were called Oreo Biscuits. In 1940’s, their name changed to Oreo Crème Sandwich then to Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookie in 1970’s.

10.Stacked Oreos can reach the Moon

If all Oreos that have been produced since their invention were to be stack together, they can reach the moon and get back to Earth more than 5 times. Since the debut of Oreo, over 450 billion cookies have been sold across the world. Oreos are currently found in over 100 countries and they have become the best-selling cookies in the world.

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