Facts About Olympics

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The Olympics is an international sports event that features summer and winter competitions where many athletes take part in a wide range of competitions. Olympics are held after every four years and countries are invited to bid for the opportunity to host this prestigious event.

Fact 1: The Olympics were initially stated as a simple religious festival to unite all the Greece states to pay tribute to the Greek God Zeus.

Fact 2: Diving off a 10 meter platform in the diving event is the same as diving from a 3 storey building.

Fact 3: During the first Olympics there was just one contest which was a foot race. Only men were permitted to participate in the event.

Fact 4: The Olympic rings signify the five key sections of the globe which include Africa, Americas, Oceana and Europe. The five rings are joined together to symbolize the participants coming together to take part in the Olympics.

Fact 5: The pentathlon requires athletes to take part in several activities before completion. One of the events during the pentathlon is a 4,000 m run that is much longer than running 42 football fields.

Fact 6: Water polo players compete in a swimming pool that has a height of 1.8 meters, which is approximately the same height as an upright refrigerator.

Fact 7: Gymnasts in the Olympics execute very accurate movements on top of a beam which is a mere 10 cm wide, roughly the breadth of normal paperback novels.

Fact 8: The reason Paralympic games were created was to promote healing of war veterans who were suffering from spinal injuries.

Fact 9: The Olympics are watched by roughly 16% of the total world’s population.

Fact 10: A gymnast from Russia once won 18 medals during the Olympics, a fete that is yet to be repeated by any other athlete.

With over 200 countries participating in the Olympics, this event is highly revered and athletes are grateful to get the opportunity to represent their respective nations.

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