Facts About Olinguito

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Olinguito is a mammal that is recently discovered in South America. Some interesting facts about Olinguito.


Fact 1:  Olinguito is carnivore.

Fact 2: This is the first new carnivore discovered in the Western Hemisphere in the last 35 years.

Fact 3: For more than a century the oliguino was mistaken for its larger close relative.

Fact 4: Olinguito in Spanish means ‘œlittle, adorable olingo’

Fact 5: It’s population is estimated to be tens of thousands.

Fact 6: The species was discovered by Smithsonian zoologist Kristofer M. Helgen.

Fact 7: It’s scientific name is Bassaricyon neblina.

Fact 8: Olinguito lives in tree tops.

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