Facts About Oil

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Like gold, humans have been using oil for a very long time. Initially it was used for light and heat. Oil is now considered as the lifeline of industrialized countries. Here are some astonishing facts about oil:

Fact 1: Oil is basically a product of plant and animal remains that existed ages ago in an aquatic environment prior to the dinosaurs. Over time, these remains were covered with layers of silt and salt. Pressure and heat in these sand layers turned the remains into what is now called crude oil.

Fact 2: There are 200 million gallons of oil disposed of improperly every year.

Fact 3: Recycling only two barrels of used oil can produce sufficient electricity for running an average home for nearly a whole day.

Fact 4: It takes over 40 gallons of unrefined oil, or simply 1 barrel of recycled oil, to create 2 and one-half quarts of high-quality oil that can be used for lubrication.

Fact 5: Crude or unrefined oil is normally very smelly and has a yellow or black color. It is located in underground locations known as reservoirs.

Fact 6: In 2010, America imported more than 45 percent of the unrefined oil and other refined petroleum goods it used.

Fact 7: After the formidable Soviet Union had fallen, Saudi Arabia was now regarded as the world’s top producer of petroleum.

Fact 8: Examples of products made using oil include: crayons, ink, deodorant, DVDs, CDs, ammonia, tires, heart valves, and dishwashing liquids.

Fact 9: Unrefined oil is processed in a refinery, which requires a lot of money to not only build but also to maintain. Refineries usually operate for 24 hours a day and require large numbers of workers.

Fact 10: Almost all the byproducts of oil have negative effects on human health and the environment.

Oil is mostly used for producing energy. For example, many people in America use propane for heating their houses.

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