Facts about Oil Energy

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Everyday we use oil. We use it to run our cars and heat our homes. We use it to make everyday products like plastic, paint, dyes, synthetic rubber, pesticides, fertilizer, canned food additives, candles, make-up and much more. Oil is indeed a big part of our lives, something we have grown to depend on. It also provides jobs and powers the economy. At the same time, it can be awfully messy when it spills into our oceans and threatens our environment. Here are ten more interesting facts oil.

Fact 1: Oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel created 300 million years ago.

Fact 2: There is evidence of oil use 5,000 years ago in Sumeria and Babylon.

Fact 3: The United States leads the world in oil consumption using 19,150,000 barrels a day. China, Japan, India, and Saudi Arabia follow.

Fact 4: Saudi Arabia holds the most oil reserves at 264. 3 billion barrels, followed by Iraq, the UAE, and Kuwait.

Fact 5: We will run out of oil. Solar and wind power, as well as bio-fuels, can help lessen our dependence on oil.

Fact 6: About 706 million gallons of waste oil enter the ocean every year, seriously affecting the ocean environment by contaminating fish and other food species and threatening to destroy coastlines.

Fact 7: 34% of the world’s energy needs is supplied by oil.

Fact 8: 2.5% of the world’s GDP comes from oil. Our economy needs it because it produces wealth.

Fact 9: Since oil is liquid, it is easier to move and store than coal. In fact, 40% of all sea cargo is oil.

Fact 10: The oil industry produces a lot of jobs and oilrigs are a safe place to work.

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