Facts About Ohio

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Ohio is an America state that was acquired in 1783 once the tough revolutionary war ended. This state is a leading leader in manufacturing industries nationwide. Here are other facts about Ohio.

Fact 1: Ohio relies on tourism as a revenue producer as it brings in about $30 billion annually. The main attractions are homes of various presidents like Garfield, Hayes, and Harding.

Fact 2: The first ever traffic light in America was installed in Ohio, specifically in Cleveland in 1914.

Fact 3: Ohio is also the first ever state to make use of police cars, which started in the city of Akron.

Fact 4: The familiar cash register used throughout the world was invented in Dayton, Ohio in 1879 by James Ritty to prevent losses and enhance accountability.

Fact 5: John Glenn, an Ohio senator, was the oldest person to venture to outer space. He also orbited the earth and was the first ever American to achieve that milestone.

Fact 6: The first aircraft was invented by the Wright Brothers who are from Dayton, Ohio.

Fact 7: In 1852 the state of Ohio enacted laws to protect women in the workplace. This was meant to enhance gender equality at work.

Fact 8: Cleveland in Ohio is the first city in the whole world to be electrically lighted.

Fact 9: The first ever African American gold medalist was DeHart Hubbard who participated in the long jump event in the 1924 Paris Olympics. He was an Ohio resident and he was able to set the world record in the long jump.

Fact 10: The first capital city of Ohio was Chillicothe. However, Columbus is currently recognized as Ohio’s capital. It is believed that half of the total population of America lives within 500 miles of Columbus.

Finally, there are seven presidents who were born in the state of Ohio. Many people from other states travel to come and see where these presidents used to live.

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