Facts about Odysseus’ Journey

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Like many other heroes in Greek history, Odysseus is yet another applauded figure with the books of his history flooding with adventures and achievements. Let us have a look at some more facts about Odysseus’ journey.

Fact 1:

In an account about the journeys of Odysseus, it is told that he once poured bee wax into the ears of his men to save them from the haunting songs which would lure men on the shores of Siren. (Yahoo Answers)

Fact 2:

Odysseus was the only man to survive the perils of his journeys and all the other men accompanying him died due to great dangers that overtook them.

Fact 3:

The Trojan horse in the account of battle in Troy is attributed to the great conspiring mind of Odysseus when he used a wooden horse to breach the walls of Troy. (Tripod)

Fact 4:

He returned home after the Trojan War and it took him ten years to reach his home again. (Ask.com)

Fact 5:

The famous magical ship of Odysseus was destroyed by a crash of thunder. (Ask.com)

Fact 6:

Odysseus was held captive at the Island of Calypso for a span of seven years! (Ask.com)

Fact 7:

The sorceress, Circe, turned Odysseus’s men into pigs for behaving rudely at the king’s table and these men wandered endlessly into the cave of Cyclops. (Ask.com)

Fact 8:

It is believed that the cursed men blinded the giant Cyclops with a stick to get past him and get out of the cave. (Yahoo Answers)

Fact 9:

The Odysseus’s journeys have a happy ending when finally he gets to go home and take his place as king living happily with his son and beautiful wife. (Tripod)

Fact 10:

All of his journeys portray him as a man of strong nerves but at the same time Odysseus had a very kind heart for animals. A man who ruthlessly killed men would never have had the courage to kill a bird!!

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