Facts About Obama

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Barrack Obama is the President of the United States and was born on August 4, 1961. He was first a lawyer who defended people’s civil rights before pursuing his political career. He started out as the Senator for Illinois and then became President of the U.S.A.

Fact 1: Obama believes that the hope that everyone has in life is quite important. He believes that it is this great hope that drives people to do great things.

Fact 2: Obama is the only African-American to ever be elected President. His election was a milestone in American history.

Fact 3: Obama has openly said that he would like to put an end to the war currently going on in Iraq. Actually, he did not support the move by  then President George Bush to invade Iraq.

Fact 4: Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law and Columbia University respectively. He was regarded as an esteemed scholar.

Fact 5: At one time, Obama served as a leading community organizer in his native Chicago community.

Fact 6: He was elected as Senator of the State of Illinois in 2004. In that election, he beat his rival by the largest margin ever seen.

Fact 7: Obama wants to eradicate racism in America. He is also committed to assisting the American people in getting jobs.

Fact 8: Barrack Obama can trace his roots to Africa. He had a Kenyan father, and his grandmother still lives in Kenya.

Fact 9: Obama has helped to create an innovative job training program that helps many people get good jobs. Moreover, he has managed to help renters or tenants get many more rights than before.

Fact 10: Barack Obama lived with his two grandparents for a long time when growing up.

Barack Obama is surely an inspiring person whose story will continue being told for a very long time.

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