Facts about North Dakota

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Running along the Canadian borders, North Dakota is a Midwestern state in the United States of America which was inhabited by the Native Americans for thousands of years. The state has now emerged from the great recession into an invincible boom due to oil extraction resources grounded in. The state of North Dakota has some very interesting facts that are not very common. Let’s have a look!

Fact 1:

North Dakota is the only state in the U.S.A which is more than 90% covered with the farming land. This makes it the most rural state of all. (I.P, 2005)

Fact 2:

North Dakota was actually a part of France that was acquired by the United States in the historical Louisiana Purchase in 1803. (I.P, 2005)

Fact 3:

The official state beverage of North Dakota is none other than the milk itself! (Galbraith, 2013)

Fact 4:

The oldest independent college in the state of North Dakota is the Jamestown College which was chartered in 1884.

Fact 5:

North Dakota, being the best in agriculture is the major food industry in the United States of America. (Juddery, 2011)

Fact 6:

An interesting fact about North Dakota is that this state, despite being renowned for many of its contribution for the country, has no special sports teams. (KK, 2013)

Fact 7:

North Dakota is the biggest producer of sunflower in the entire country. (Weiser, 2010)

Fact 8:

Among all the states, North Dakota is the only American state that has never been reported to have an earthquake. (Weiser, 2010)

Fact 9:

Interstate Highway, one of the best highways in world was completed by North Dakota before and other state in the USA. (Weiser, 2010)

Fact 10:

The two legendary Explorers, Lewis and Clark stayed in North Dakota for most of the time during their famous two years expedition. (Juddery, 2011)

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