Facts About Netherlands

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Netherlands is a beautiful country in Europe that beckons travelers from around the world to enjoy the mesmerizing countryside and the endless beauty of nature especially the rows of Tulips that sway in the breeze creating a heavenly atmosphere.

Fact 1 Position Of Netherlands

The Netherlands lie in the northwestern part of Europe, between Belgium and Germany. It is a small country but has a lot to offer its visitors. The North Sea is located in the west and north of the Netherlands and is continuously washing away the lands. It is the undaunted work of the Dutch that has protected the country from being washed away. They have built many defenses to protect it by cutting out canals, erecting dams, pumping stations and dikes to keep the waters of the rivers and seas at bay.

Fact 2 About The Name

The meaning of the word “Netherlands” is “Low Countries” and is absolutely befitting for it abounds in huge areas of flat lands and tulip fields. Sometimes it is also called Holland. But it denotes mainly two provinces that lie along the borders of the North Sea in The Hague and Amsterdam. They are the places which are referred to as North and South Holland to be more specific.

Fact 3 Administration In The Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been ruled by monarchs and is a republic. Prince William of Orange was perhaps the first king of this country around 16th century. Amsterdam is the capital city and is the seat of education and all activities. The Van Gogh Museum and the Rijk Museum stand here to speak for its heritage. The Canal side Mansions and other artistic works of Rembrandt and Vermeer are still to be seen here that were built in the 17th century known as The Golden Age.

The Dutch Parliament is known as the States General and has two houses. There are 15 members in the Upper House and they are elected by the local council and their ruling term is four years. But the Lower House consists of 150 members and they are elected by the people after every four years. The Queen or the monarch appoints the cabinet ministers. King Willem-Alexander was appointed as the king in 2013, April and he is the first Dutch king who is heading the state after 123 years after three queens.

Fact 4 People And Their Language  

The Netherlands has the highest population rate which is more than 16.5 million in the Union of Europe. The total area is 41,500 km2. Although Amsterdam is the capital, The Hague is the seat of the government. Most of the people live in Randstad, Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Dutch is the common language of most people. Frisian is another language which is recognized as an official language apart from Dutch. Other languages spoken in the Netherlands are West Low German, English and Standard Dutch. They are extremely tolerant and broad-minded people.

Fact 5 Natural Beauty And Tourism

Although the Netherlands is densely populated it has retained its natural beauty. The government has built sanctuaries to give the birds, small animals and plants their natural surroundings mostly because their habitats were occupied by humans. Attractive birds still live in the watery swamps.

The beauty of the Netherlands is dominated by attractive rivers like the Rhine, Scheldt and Meuse that meet the ocean through the Netherlands thus forming a delta.

Tourism is an important source of revenue for the country. Archaeologists, painters, architects and nature lovers flock to this country to see the uniqueness of Dutch art and architecture and the outstanding Tulip industry. Billions of Tulip bulbs are grown every year that exceeds all other countries. The Netherlands also exports horticultural and agricultural products to various countries.

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