Facts About Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong is known as the ‘œLegendary Astronaut.’ In Wakaponeta, Ohio, he was born on the 5th of August, 1930. In the middle of 2012, he died on the 25th of August at the age of 82.

Fact 1: Neil Armstrong is considered the first man who walked on the moon July 20th, 1969 as he went out of the Eagle lunar landing ship.

Fact 2: The first statement made by Neil Armstrong became one of the well-known quotations in the English language. His well-known statement is ‘œThat’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.’

Fact 3: Based on history, he became the most honored man as he received many medals and honors from NASA.

Fact 4: In terms of spirituality, he has commonalities with Thomas Jefferson. He reveals himself as a deist because he believed that faith comes with reason and not based on religious teachings.

Fact 5: Neil Armstrong is also considered a ‘œwar hero.’ At an early age, he received his license at the age of 15. However, during the war in Korea, he was a U.S. Naval aviator.

Fact 6: He also became popular as he hit the spotlight. He had experienced a lot of interviews and did a lot of advertisements on television.

Fact 7: One major report about Neil Armstrong is when his hair was sold by his barber to a collector for $3,000.

Fact 8: There was a part in history that was not known to most people. In fact, Neil Armstrong was not supposed to make it to the moon due to the malfunction of their space capsule.

Fact 9: During his adolescence, he was also into music. He experienced playing a very strange musical instrument which is the baritone horn.

Fact 10: Obviously, Neil Armstrong died this past year because of a heart attack after the failure of his bypass surgery.

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