Facts About Nebraska

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Nebraska is abbreviated NE and its capital is Lincoln. It is nicknamed the beef state due to its high production of beef products. Discussed below are other facts about Nebraska that you might not be aware of.

Fact 1: The 911 emergency system that is currently being used across America, was first developed and used in Nebraska.

Fact 2: Nebraska has the biggest porch swing ever built and it can sit about 25 people. This huge seat can be found in Hebron.

Fact 3: Television diners were invented by a Nebraska salesman. The concept was basically a three-compartment tray fitted inside a small box intended to appear like a TV set.

Fact 4: A ranch in Nebraska has over 125 windmills gathered together for pumping water. This is the largest amount of windmills in one area.

Fact 5: Nebraskits are wheat biscuits made for stocking bomb shelters in the unfortunate event of an attack. The biscuits are designed to satisfy all the nutritional needs of a person for two weeks.

Fact 6: Grant County in Nebraska has allegedly more millionaires proportionately to its total population compared to any other town in the country.

Fact 7: Maskell, Nebraska holds the record of having a very tiny city hall. Furthermore, the world’s tiniest police station can be found in Friend, Nebraska.

Fact 8: A footless goose was born in Nebraska in the late 80s and quickly became popular because shoes were fashioned for it to use walking. The shoe wearing goose was a local icon and pleased children all over the neighborhood in public appearances.

Fact 9: Nebraska is situated in the center of America in an area referred to as the tornado alley. This region is prone to experiencing dangerous tornadoes.

Fact 10: The largest fossil of a mammoth elephant was discovered in Nebraska and is preserved there.

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