Facts about nba basketball

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NBA, the very own National Basketball Association is a major association which commands the likes of millions of spectators from different parts of the world is a major franchise with a equity amounting to hundreds of million dollars. The association has struggled hard to get the limelight it is presently enjoying as of date.

Some of the major facts about NBA are:

Today basketball is one among the few games which has millions of followers around the world, but the scene was not so during the 1940’s and 1950’s. National Basketball Association and Basketball Association of America had to struggle a lot to garner the attention of sports lovers. Both the associations were rivals and had its share of tiffs in the past.

Both NBA and ABA had to make peace during June 1976 and merged into one. All the four ABA teams were considered as NBA teams. Most of the ABA players were disseminated into different other teams.

The merger of NBA and ABA was a savior for both the associations and majorly to the ABA as it was about to be bankrupt. NBA got full control of the market which otherwise it had to be shared with ABA. National Basketball Association was the sole proprietor of the players, fields and fans which run into millions.

Players of this wonderful game had to travel a lot to play the matches in gymnasiums and were not paid well, but today the paychecks of the basketball players are fancy and even the scene of the game has improved to the best.

The game was revived by David George Sundram to make it attractive to the viewers and to get attention from the media as well. Rules were changed and timely experiments changed the game to what it is today. All the efforts show today which are very evident from the fact that it has gathered the attention.

NBA lured many business vendors and community leaders to sponsor the game and make it a professional sport.

1995 was the time when there were tensions between the National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Players Association. The tension between the two became the topic of national talk and garnered much attention for the game and the association as well.

The initial salary of the players was as low as $4000 to $5000 during the 1946-47. Only some players like Tom King of the Detroit Falcons team were considered an exception and paid highest salary i.e. $ 16,500.

NBA earns through following sources which are Gate Receipts, Concessions, Sponsorships and Media Broadcasting. Every source is really important and earns majorly for the association.

National Basketball Association, the sole association that controls the game has laid some rules which every team playing the game has to follow. NBA is the one that fixes the salary of the players and even the amount that should be spent on each team. NBA also helps the franchise in different ways by providing subsidized playing arenas which otherwise costs heavy.

Every association has its share of ups and downs and so is NBA. The organization has strongly braved all the allegations and has emerged to be the leader.

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