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The world is continuously in motion. And what keeps it steadily moving forward is the concept of energy. Energy can be found in many forms and it can only be transferred and not completely destroyed. There are many types of energy creating methods and many types of energy but to get something like energy into our control, we must first have to create it out of something else. That is where natural resources come into play. Natural resources commonly found inside the earth are formed after hundreds of years worth reactions and are one of the major contributors of providing the best energy while being converted into sources of power. One of the major chunks of these natural resources is the concept of natural gas.

Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel that is made of years of buried plant and animal remains that have been exposed to extreme temperatures of heat over long periods of times. Scientifically, it is basically a mixture of hydrocarbons that when broken down provide lots of energy.

It is the cleanest sort of naturally occurring fossil fuel that produces really low amounts of carbon dioxide into the air upon breaking down.

Natural gas is not only used for producing electricity but can run and make lots of other stuff like running power plants and producing a range of other products and heat as well.

A quarter of north Americas energy needs are being met by the use of natural gas and it is readily available in those areas as well with ninety eight percent of the natural gas coming from inside America and Canada.

The demand for natural gas is steadily increasing and the main reason behind this fact is due to its safety in usage and less green house gas emission rate.

When cooled down to a temperature of negative two hundred and sixty degrees, natural gas is converted into liquefied form which due to its low volume is used commonly in running almost all of the motor vehicles in the world. At this moment, it is used to power up and run around eleven million cars and motor vehicles world wide.

Not only is it used as a source of fuel, but it is also used in so many of the common things we use today that run without power like cell phones, aspiring, carpeting, sun glasses and so much more.

China at the moment has the largest recoverable shale gas reserves which is almost more than double the size of the reserves that the United states of America have in total in the vicinity. Argentina is currently in second place in the size and volume of the reserves.

Modern day machines known as digesters are being used these days to produce natural gas. They take in animal and plant waste into there system and move them about with extreme heat and movement to create natural gas in a short amount of time rather than let them stay inside the earth for many long years to come.

FACT 10:
Natural gas is a great conductor of heat and that is exactly the reason why ninety percent of all the professional chefs in the world prefer to work with natural gas because it evenly distributes the heat. Natural gas is colorless and odorless and not toxic to health but scientists infuse the smell of rotten eggs with natural gas to make it easier to detect.

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