Facts About Native Americans

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Native Americans are the pioneers to inhabit the lands in America. The origin of these tribes can be traced back to a span of 15,000 years. Starting off with hunting in the wild, the Native Americans have developed a very fine system of living over the years. Here are some interesting facts to dive deep into the Native American way of history!

Fact 1:

Based on the data collected in the 2010 census, Native Americans comprise almost 1.7% of the total American population.

Fact 2:

Years have passed, the world has moved swiftly on, but the Native Americans still hold onto their strong, tribal systems and beliefs.

Fact 3:

Native Americans are very important guides! They help through their trails to explore the American continent.

Fact 4:

Even today, Native Americans follow rituals like a worship war dance and bloody sacrifices to please their gods.

Fact 5:

In comparison, the nervousness and restlessness is twice as common in Native Americans than in  Caucasians!

Fact 6:

The major cause of death for the people belonging to the different tribes of the Native Americans is same as the general population, suicide!

Fact 7:

There are 26 states in the USA whose names have Native American origins.

Fact 8:

The Native American tribes have a database of over 250 different languages used as their second languages of communication; however, they speak English as their first language.

Fact 9:

There is a vast range of homes that the Native Americans used to build, but the most interesting fact is that they used to make houses out of blocks of ice.

Fact 10:

According to a geological estimation, the Native American lands comprise a considerable portion of the country’s energy resources. An approximation makes it a total of 10 percent for all the Native American lands.

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  1. Emily

    August 3, 2013 2:44 am

    ‘war dances and bloody sacrifices?’ Do your research. FYI the ‘bloodiest sacrifice’ NA do is a barfight after getting too drunk on feast days. Most NA follow the monotheistic/pantheistic church and smoke peyote


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